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Who is the team behind Peak Orb? About Us

Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Leads

Connect with decision-makers in your ideal target market. Optimize your sales efforts and close more deals.

Reach your goals

Sales Success at Every Step

We'll help improve every stage of your sales cycle for bigger wins and consistent revenue growth.


Target your ideal market

We'll help you define and discover new market opportunities across a large number of sectors and industries.

  • Understand your total market size
  • Define ideal market niches
  • Discover untapped market opportunities

Connect with buyers

We make reaching actual buyers simple. Get unmatched buyer intelligence to see who's currently ready to buy your offerings.

  • Optimize your sales efforts
  • Reach high-value prospects
  • Win new business, faster

Increase win rates

Analyze your sales interactions to improve your win rate and forecast future success with confidence.

  • Gain insights using interaction analysis
  • Uncover reasons for wins and losses
  • Predict sales outcomes

Success Stories

See how our clients turned challenges into success with our help.

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As a freshly minted consultant, every minute and dollar counts. ... This has been a game changer for finding new clients and improving sales. It's simple and powerful, giving me exactly what I need without the fluff. Three months in, and I'm seeing growth I didn't think was possible this early on.
Mark Zane XLP Solutions
Testimonial 2 headshot
... Engaging their services has proven to be an excellent choice for our manufacturing business. We are now routinely closing higher caliber accounts. ... The average value of our new contracts has increased by three fold.
Jamie Saxon BuildCentral
Testimonial 3 headshot
We've been on a roll lately, getting so much more done. It's like we hit a sweet spot with our efficiency. Our sales pipeline has grown with a solid 90% increase year-over-year. We're seeing real, tangible results that are making a difference.
Jeremy Hart Task Ahead

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